WB58XX Wireless Bridges

LED Indicator Lights


Power: Indicates the device is receiving power. 

WLAN: Indicates that its wireless capabilities are active. 

LAN: Getting data through LAN1 (Black RJ45 Port)

LAN2: Getting data through LAN2 (Yellow RJ45 Port)

Wireless Strength 1-4:
          - 1st light: Signal is very weak. 
          - 1st, 2nd light: Signal is weak.
          - 1st, 2nd, 3rd light: Signal is adequate.
          - All 4 lights: Optimal signal
          - ONLY 4th light: The signal is too strong, the devices are too close together or their is a lot of signals bouncing in the area. 


Dip Switch Setup


1: Sets the working mode of the device. Up = access point (AP) mode,  recorder or computer side. Down = camera side. 

2-8: Used to pair the sender and receiver together. Make sure that they match between the different sets. 

9-10: Used when you have multiple senders going to one receiver (4 MAX).
          - 9 down, 10 down: 0 
          - 9 down, 10 up: 1
          - 9 up, 10 down: 2
          - 9 up, 10 up: 3 


Ideal Mounting


Line of sight is required, you do not need to scope it, simply go off of the signal strength lights. Ideally you would have all four lights on, but three is adequate.

WB5802 - Is pole mountable and comes with a wall mount bracket.

WB5806 - Is pole mount only.