SmartPSS/Add Device P2P

1. Locate the serial number of your NVR or DVR. The serial number can be found at the following locations:

Click on Devices.  Find the device and to the far right, you should see "SN". 

device Icon.PNG

add device online.PNG

Thru the WEB browser, Main Menu -> System Info -> Version

2. Launch SmartPSS. At the main page click Devices

device Icon.PNG

3. Click +Add to add a device

atuo search 2.PNG

4. The Manual Add window will appear.

manual add.PNG

5. Use the drop-down box to change 'Method to add' to 'SN(For Device Support P2P)'. Then enter the Serial Number for the unit in the field SN. Enter the username and password for the device then click "Add"

method to add.PNG

6. The added device will appear in the Device List

add device online.PNG

8. From the main page of SmartPSS click Live View

Main menu.PNG

llive view.PNG

9. The added device will appear in the Device List and can be expanded to view all video channels from the device.

CaptureAdding to p2p.PNG