SmartPSS/Add Device via IP

1. Open SmartPSS, and click, "Devices"

Main menu.PNG

device Icon.PNG

2. To search the IP address of the device recorder Input the IP range of DVR/NVR to be added ➞ Select "Auto Search".

Auto search.PNG

3. Select the DVR/NVR to be added ➞ Select "Add".

auto search add.PNG

4. Enter in login and password. Select "OK"

autosearch 1.PNG

5. For Manual Add Select "Add".

atuo search 2.PNG

6. Input Information. Device details will automatically generate. ➞ Select "Add" and the DVR/NVR will be added to the list of live devices for SmartPSS.

manual add.PNG

7. The device will appear and will show online when added successfully.

add device online.PNG