1. Launch SmartPSS.

Main menu.PNG

2. Click Playback


3. The device tree on the left will show all devices added to SmartPSS.


playback tree.PNG

For devices with multiple channels/streams, Click the Device tree expand icon.jpg icon to expand the tree to see all channels.


5. Use the checkbox next to each channel you wish to search for.


6.You can configure the parameters of the search using the drop down boxes on the left side of the screen:




Click 'Search' to begin a search based on the parameters.

7. The search results will appear in the timeline below the center window. Click the floating bar on the right side of the screen to open the Record Tray

search bar.PNG

8. Double click an entry in the list to begin playback

Playback SmartPSS - 6.jpg

9. Use the controls below the video pane to control playback

Playback SmartPSS - 7.jpg

There are options for forward and reverse playback, playback speed, and to enable audio


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