Diamond Installation

|| IP Scan Tool: ConfigTool
|| Mobile Application: DMSS
|| Desktop Application: SmartPSS

Cheat Sheet

Recorder/IPC Ports:     HTTP port 80 Web access *Required for port forwarding. ...

Quick Tips

Short Tips

Password Reset

Diamond Web : How to Link the WIFI Camera (HNC3V141S-IR/28-W) to the Local WIFI Network

***Note: You must use Internet Explorer to view the system via web interface*** Before making ...

Adding Device to Mobile Application (DMSS)

Setting Up Recording Schedule

Motion Detection

Mobile Notifications

***Note: You will need to download the DMSS app (gDMSS for Android and iDMSS for iPhone) from the...

Email Notifications

Line Crossing

Intrusion Detection

Audio and Two Way Talk

Defaulting the Recorder

Recorder Information

Firmware Updates

Viewing Logs

Alarm and Buzzer Alerts

Spot Out View




Reset Buttons

SMD+ / Human & Vehicle Detection

Floodlight HNC2IL26N-IRAS/28

Installing Smart PSS on a Windows PC with a high resolution (Smart PSS is small)

  When installing Smart PSS on a Windows computer that is using a high resolution (4K for exampl...

Set up Wifi Doorbell HNC2DB112-W

    Contents in box       1) Power with 12v power supply (1-2amp is fine) 2)If the dev...

Push Notifications Wifi Doorbell HNC2DB112-W

  *Be sure to have all permissions enabled for application if you run into issues   Select the...

Transfer device data from iDMSS / gDMSS Plus to DMSS app

First, we need to load up the old iDMSS Plus or gDMSS Plus application. Go to Home and select De...

Enable and Modify ONVIF on Diamond IPC

ONVIF will typically be enabled, set to authentication, and will initialize with the password tha...

HDD compatibility list for Dahua NVR/XVR---6-4-2021

Please refer to the list here.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dkGoJGetDXL37R3sV7OAoK9X...

Disable AI mode NVR404L-32-I & NVR402A-16/16P-I

The NVR404L-32-I and NVR402A-16/16P-I  can do 200mbps under normal circumstances. When "AI Mode" ...