LPR Configuration

You will need a ENS-H NVR and ENS-H IP Camera that support the License plate Recognition function. Please note you can not configure license plate recognition function on the local GUI interface.

In this tutorial, we are using SN3216 / 16P4S-I NVR and SIPSL2MZ832 LPR camera.

On the web interface, click on Configuration - System - Camera management, click on Modify.


Input the LPR camera information.


Please make sure you have successfully added the LPR camera.


Go to Configuration - Vehicle Detection. Tick enable Vehicle Detection. You can select the number of lanes. Adjust the yellow line to match the actual lane border.


Click on save.

Click on the Export Black List/White list button. In this case we name the file Template.xls


Open the template.xls, here is a blank template you can enter the plate number.


Input the No in sequence and plate number followed by 1 for white list, 0 for black list. Here are some sample license plates.


Import the config file, browse the template.xls and click on Import.


Successfully import the Black list / White list.


Arming schedule - configure when you want to enable the vehicle detection.


Linkage method, in this example we configure the white list license plate match to trigger audible warning from the NVR.


Black list will trigger the email notification being sent.


You should hear audible warning from NVR when you have license plate XIF557 and KDV829 passing between the yellow line. And you should receive email notification when 793LZC passes between the lines.

You can login to LPR camera SIPSL2MZ832, road traffic - Real time LPR result to see real time license capture.


You can also use the Local GUI of NVR and do a smart analysis.


Select vehicle search - Input the information, in this example I search license plate KDV829.


Showing the license plate KDV829 search result.