Live View NVMS 2.0 (2.1.1)

Select "Live View"


You may use the "area" (house icon) to call the cameras within the area. Alternatively, you may call the cameras individually.

To call a channel you can either drag and drop OR select a channel within the layout then double click the channel.


You can modify the channel layouts by selecting them at the bottom of the screen. The arrow will provide additional options.


The full screen button will expand your active channels to full screen. Press Escape on your keyboard to exit the mode.


Select OSD to toggle the On Screen Display Overlay. This setting is off by default. Enabling will make the NVMS 2.0 create an overlay with the Device and channel name.


The audio enable button will start audio on the selected channel. The camera must be audio capable for this function to work.


The Intelligent function sense button will toggle the intelligent function overlays. (e.g. line crossing, intrusion, etc)


The close stream button will close all active streams.


The "Save View" button will allow you to name the active channel layout and save it.


To call the saved view, click the "View" button on the sidebar. This section will contain any saved views.