Titanium Installation

|| IP Scan Tool: IPManagerTool & IPTool
|| Mobile Application: Super Live Plus
|| Desktop Application: NVMS Lite

Cheat Sheet

Recorder Ports:       HTTP port 80 Web access *Required for port forwarding.   ...

Quick Tips

Short Tips

Recorder Password Reset (CONTACT REQUIRED)

***Make sure that the system is logged out before trying to do a password reset*** Click on the ...

Email Notifications

Recording Schedule

Motion Detection

Line Crossing

Intrusion Detection

Audio and Two Way Talk

Factory Defaulting Recorder

Recorder Information

System Logs

Alarm and Buzzer Alerts

Factory Defaulting Camera

Spot Out

IP Camera Initialization

External Switch IP Camera Setup

SD Card Recording and Playback

License Plate Recognition

Mobile Push Notifications

NVMS 2.0

Virtual Host

Super Live Plus

Illegal characters in passwords

For Security reasons you cannot use the following characters in passwords: & | ; $ You will rec...

Human/Vehicle Detection

Face Recognition

Playback and Backup

Autonat / P2P

Live View

Adding TVT Fisheye camera as different views using RTSP custom protocols

  To add a single Fisheye camera as multiple views, each with their own visual angle, you must f...